A Passionate Journey with Short-tailed Pythons was written to help educate herpetoculturists and hobbyists about the captive care of the three commercially available short-tailed pythons: Blood Python (Python brongersmai), Borneo Python (Python breitensteini) and Sumatran Short-tailed Python (Python curtus). This is the first book dedicated to this group of pythons with clear details on their captive care including housing, feeding, health issues, breeding, and raising of healthy young pythons. The fascinating color morphs and pattern anomalies that occur are presented in text and beautiful photos throughout the book. For new keepers, there is a helpful appendix with free removable starter feedcards. Short-tailed pythons are indigenous to Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia and the island of Borneo. These stout bodied, often colorful snakes have much myth and misinformation associated with them, which the author works to dispel in this writing.

Richard Crowley has been keeping reptiles since he was a small boy. For over 20 years, he has worked with zoos, state and federal authorities in various roles including President of the Chicago Herpetological Society. His dedication and fondness for short-tailed pythons has been his passion for nearly 25 years.

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