Golden Eye - Super Stripe - Het Hypomelanistic - Poss. Het T+

Rose Red

Pink Bangka Island Locality

Selective Python Breeding

- Borneo Short-tailed Pythons

 - Sarawak Locality‚Äč

- Blood Pythons

- Bangka Island Locality 

- Sumatran Short-tailed Pythons

- Ball Pythons

Other Reptile Breeding

- Red Ackie Monitor Lizards

- Solomon Island Ground Boas

Emergency Management Support

- Animal Control Support

- Reptile Care Wellness Assessments

Educator and Presenter

Our Mission

R&D Exotics, LLC seeks to further integrate reptiles and amphibians in society. We commit to providing high quality animals to pet enthusiasts and fellow breeders using ethical and  sustainable practices.

Short-Tail Pythons Breeding Stock

Slow Pokey Sarawak Locality


Het Ultra Breit

Services Offered


Het Ultra Breit


Ivory (Super Matrix)

Specializing in reptile pet services and education

T Negative Albino

T Negative Albino


Batik - Matrix

Our Pledge to You!

R&D Exotics, LLC strives to provide diverse, high quality selective lines of reptiles with knowledgeable support.


Batik - Matrix

Granite Line Borneo

Het Ultra Breit - Level 2 Granite