Golden Eye - Super Stripe - Het Hypomelanistic - Poss. Het T+


Batik - Matrix

Granite Line Borneo

Het Ultra Breit - Level 2 Granite


Ivory (Super Matrix)

Slow Pokey Sarawak Locality

Rose Red

Pink Bangka Island Locality


Het Ultra Breit


Het Ultra Breit

Selective Python Breeding

- Borneo Short-tailed Pythons

 - Sarawak Locality‚Äč

- Blood Pythons

- Bangka Island Locality 

- Sumatran Short-tailed Pythons

- Ball Pythons

Other Reptile Breeding

- Red Ackie Monitor Lizards

- Solomon Island Ground Boas

Emergency Management Support

- Animal Control Support

- Reptile Care Wellness Assessments

Educator and Presenter

Short-Tail Pythons Breeding Stock

Our Pledge to You!

R&D Exotics, LLC strives to provide diverse, high quality selective lines of reptiles with knowledgeable support.

Our Mission

R&D Exotics, LLC seeks to further integrate reptiles and amphibians in society. We commit to providing high quality animals to pet enthusiasts and fellow breeders using ethical and  sustainable practices.

Services Offered

Specializing in reptile pet services and education


Batik - Matrix

T Negative Albino

T Negative Albino