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A great experience with any animal starts with selective breeding, great stress free care with lots of TLC and properly matching the right animal with an informed human companion.

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It’s important to know what you’re going to care for the next 15+ years.  I want you to know that all of the animals produced are healthy. 

Jumping into the world of breeding Borneos in1999, I had no idea the incredible journey I was embarking on. What I thought was a normal borneo has produced many fantastic appearances.

  • Sarawak Pythons
  • Borneo Pythons - Granites & Ultras!
  • Blood Pythons - Pink Banka
  • Blood Pythons - Truly Red
  • Blood Pythons - Matrix
  • Blood Pythons - Sunglow Project
  • Ball Pythons


My first love, but really true reds are not easy to find given the polymorphic variability.  But selective breeding and other committed folks makes finding a truly red animal so much easier.

The only truly identified locality of Python breitensteini aka Borneo Pythons. The Sarawak are fantastic animals with unusual pattern and color that sets them apart from their other native kin.

Take advantage of the lessons learned over 20+ years of reptile care.  Avoid mistakes and leverage shortcuts I incorporate into my regular husbandry practices..