Rich Crowley Reptiles

Other Critters (not for sale)

Just photos of my other pets and other living interests.

My Animals

Sunglow Line Blood Pythons

A fascinating appearance of Blood Pythons (Python brongersmai) representing three separate genes thrown together: T+ albino x Hypomelanistic x Genetic Stripe.

Pink Banka Island Blood Python

Originally bred by The Blood Cell, I currently have a breeding pair of wonderfully striped and beautifully colored Pink morph Banka Island Blood Pythons (Python brongersmai). 

Candid shots

No this isn't the staged photos used to draw people to my page, this is real life photos of what it takes to maintain a healthy collection and frankly a bunch of silly candid shots. 

Hatchlings and other available

This is the most difficult page to maintain!  Sometimes I like to holdback for myself, but I can only keep so much!  Check back here or my Facebook page and if you don't see something, just ask. 

Granites & Ultra Breits

Borneo Pythons (Python Breitensteini) have many appearances and I am proud to have worked with the Granites and Ultra-breits since 1999.